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Date tested: 2019-02-22
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Test results are conducted by a trustworthy independent laboratory in British Columbia.

Viridesco - Hindu Kush Cooking Oil - Indica - 37.3%THC


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Viridesco is made by Vancouver Islanders, who are passionate about the benefits of pure cannabis oil therapy. Viridesco Oil is the purest cannabinoid oil. Each batch is lab tested to validate its specific cannabinoid profile and to ensure quality standards.

Hindu Kush (original landrace) is a remarkable indica cannabis strain in concentrated form. Cooking oil is a fantastic device for incorporating cannabinoids into all of your favourite dishes and is generally used in cooking bases, such as oils and butters. To cook with this product, it is best to render it into a carrier, such as coconut oil or organic butter. The rendering process should be performed at a low temperature (below 165 Fahrenheit) as to not compromise the cannabinoids in the oil. It can also be eaten directly.

Batch Results:
THC 37.30%
CBN 2.87%
CBD 0.14%

Volume: 5ml