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Date tested: 2019-03-08
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Test results are conducted by a trustworthy independent laboratory in British Columbia.

Viridesco - Hybrid RSO Oil - Seawarp


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Viridesco is made by Vancouver Islanders, who are passionate about the benefits of pure cannabis oil therapy. Viridesco Oil is the purest cannabinoid oil. Each batch is lab tested to validate its specific cannabinoid profile and to ensure quality standards.

Seawarp (Sea Level x Ben Johnson x Texada Timewarp) is a perfectly balanced hybrid, bred in BC. It has a sweet flavor and aroma with herbal pine-like tones. It starts with a euphorically cerebral and mentally uplifting head buzz that is eventually paired with a calming body stone. As a result, Seawarp can assist with mollifying nerves, aches and pains.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 78.75% cannabinoids, including 75.00% THC.