Viridesco Seawarp Honey Oil

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Viridesco is the purest Cannabinoid Oil made on the west coast by Vancouver Islanders who are passionate about the benefits of pure Cannabis oil therapy. Each batch of Viridesco Oil is lab tested to validate its specific Cannabinoid profile and to ensure quality standards.
Viridesco Seawarp (Texada Timewarp x Sea Level) Honey Oil is remarkable hybrid Cannabis bud, made into a concentrated form. It offers effective results when it comes to warding away physical discomfort and stress. Some of the other benefits may also help with pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, tremors, ADD/ADHD, appetite loss and insomnia. As a top shelf concentrate, it can be taken orally, vaped or smoked. Seawarp Viridesco Honey Oil comes in a 1 ml Patron standard dispenser.
This specific batch results are:
THC 78.5%
CBC 1.4%
CBD 0.18%
CBG 0.94%
CBL 0.4%
THCV 0.2%
CBN 0.28%