WEEDS® Belgian Chocolate Bar - 250mg THC

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Our delicious Belgian chocolate bars are infused with cannabis extract to create a highly delicious and effective treat. The entirety of each bar is infused with 250mg of THC and each bar is segmented into 15 pieces for accurate dosing. As the effects can be physically heavy, we suggest eating one 17mg segment and waiting an hour or so to determine how you feel before enjoying more.

Milk Chocolate
A familiar choice and a trusted one at that. One fragment of milk-chocolate goodness will melt like silk and swoosh like satin throughout your mouth. Satisfaction follows the infused sugary bite, making this choice a sweet deviation from the traditional form.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry (vegan)
Much like our dark chocolate option, this choice is definitely for those whose fancy is tickled by the allure of a darker bite. The sharp dark chocolate taste is complimented by bitterweet delights of tasty raspberry bits. A delectable choice for an infused variation on the norm.

Cookies and Cream
Cookies and cream are an undeniably solid team in the chocolate world. In this WEEDS variant, flakes of cookies and morsels of cream are exalted through careful curation and infusion to perfection!

Dark Chocolate (vegan)
Chomp uponst this enticing vegan treat for delicious sensations of bitingly bittersweet, dark chocolate delights. An excellent choice for those who prefer the crumbling crunch of an infused dark chocolate sliver, over the traditional flavours of a milk-chocolate bar.

Salted Caramel
This bar is an exquisite amalgamation, particularly for those who desire to sate their appetite for both sweet and savoury treats. This option is a taste explosion of three very complimentary ingredients, salt, caramel and cannabis infusion!

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, whole milk powder, unsweetened chocolate, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, cannabis extract.