WEEDS® Grinders - KUBE by KRUSH

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WEEDS® is proud to announce the arrival of our brand new KUBE by KRUSH grinders.

This grinder has a couple hidden features not offered by conventional grinders. As the name implies, this grinder is cube shaped. Why you ask? To make your life easier when those sticky buds are tough to grind. Twist clockwise for a fine grind, and counter clockwise for course. KRUSH has added an easy-pour dish to the top half of this grinder, or if you choose, it can be used as a portable ashtray! The strong magnetic top keeps the two halves from separating while being tossed around in a bag. This makes for a great gift to any cannabis lover in your life!

Snag yourself a new KUBE grinder today! At this price, they won't be around for long!

Available in four colors;
- Green
- Blue
- Teal
- Rose