Wooden One Hitter with Case

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"Dug-out Doug" crafts each piece by hand using drift wood and other types of wood he finds during his adventures on Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. He uses a variety of different types of wood to give him a wide selection of unique colour combinations. Some pieces will have a holographic illusion to them because of the wavy texture in the wood. This unique “one-hitter” has a spring back feature for easy retrieval of the brass pipe upon opening your new wooden one hitter. There is no doubt about it, each piece is made with care and love.

It is a perfect smoking tool to have on hand for your discreet toking needs! Place some ground up cannabis in the main case pocket, and lightly press it down with the “one-hitter” pipe to pack a single toke. This pipe is intended for single tokes only, so be aware not to over heat your bowl.