XMax® V-ONE - Concentrate Vaporizer

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XMax® V-ONE comes with a strong 1500mAh battery for extended use. Seriously, this battery will last a long time! This vaporizer uses a ceramic donut coil to heat your top shelf WEEDS® Concentrates rather than burn, resulting in maximum flavor. Compatible with either the stock glass mouthpiece, or additional stainless steel mouthpiece; both of which are super easy to clean. Once you've fully charged your new vaporizer, simply click the button 5 times consecutively and you'll see it flash green. Load it up with your favorite WEEDS® Shatter, Crumble, or Wax and taste the difference for yourself. Adjustable vents for air flow control, you're able to customize each hit with a simple twist. You won't be disappointed with this hard hitting vaporizer.

Package Includes:
(1) XMax® V-ONE - Concentrate Vaporizer
(1) USB Charger
(2) Rubber O-rings Set
(1) Glass Mouthpiece
(1) Dab Tool
(1) User Manual