Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Stanley Park Concession Stand

As part of our series on things to do after you've ​visited WEEDS in Downtown Vancouver, we've made this short guide on the world famous Stanley Park. Explore this amazing 1000 acres of natural rain forest and feel the magic. Enjoy the sight of the water, the clear blue sky, mountains, and the glorious trees along the seawall. Discover beautiful beaches, miles of trails, great meals, fantastic wildlife, historic landmarks, enjoy the natural atmosphere and the cultural artifacts. If you have a taste for adventure, there is certainly something for you. Stanley Park offers a variety of memorable experiences for everyone regardless of your age and values. It also has the best aquarium in Canada.

Let the natural beauty and incredible history of the Stanley park enthrall you. You can explore all by yourself, or you may choose to get a tour guide to take you the breathtaking environment. 

​Things to Do In Stanley Park

With a lot of incredible things to experience in Stanley, make your visit to Stanley Park worthwhile.

Take a guided tour or venture out on your own to experience some the incredible things you can do in Stanley Park. It’s considered one of the world’s premier urban parks and attracts nearly 8 million visitors annually.

Stanley Park Seawall

The Seawall

​​​​Ways to Play

No matter what you are looking for, or what you want to engage your family with, take advantage of the amazing variety of in-water and off-water activities. Swim, enjoy the cool breeze by the beach, take the kids to the Fox’s Den Splash Park, or play a game of golf or tennis, whatever it is, Stanley Park has everything you need for a an enjoyable day.

​Ride the Stanley Park Train

Fox's Den Splash Park

Fox's Den Splash Park

Receiving millions of visitors every year, the park railway is cherished by the tourists and locals alike. The 2 kilometer, 20 gauge track winds its way through the beautiful old growth forest. The ride takes fifteen minutes, and passengers have the opportunity to take photos with the vintage engine before the ride begins.

Stanley Park has a collection of locally-built old locomotives that is typical of the Canadian Railway Engine-#374. The Stanley park railway is in close proximity with other famous destinations like Malkin Bowl, Lumberman’s Arch.

​See the Sites

At Stanley Park, there are enormous historic and cultural artifacts, monuments, popular landmarks, breathtaking gardens, and historic Canadian sites.

Lost Lagoon Trail

Lost Lagoon


The Hollow Tree

The Hollow Tree

  Stanley Park has some beautiful sweet-smelling flowers, so ensure you stop to admire these beauties, it adds so much to your experience. Learn about the most amazing gardens at Stanley Park, and also the best time to visit.

Your trip and experience at Stanley Park will not be complete without visiting some of the most amazing landmarks, like the Siwash rocks, Lost Lagoon, prospect point, Beaver Lake, and the ​Hollow ​Tree.


Stanley Park, Vancouver BC has a wide range of trees of different species. Centuries-old trees like the bigleaf maple, Douglas fir, and the western red cedar. It’s definitely worth a visit to the Hollow Tree, a western red cedar that is estimated to be over 800 years old. It’s now dead and hollowed out (hence the name) and is definitely a cool place to chill after partaking in your favourite cannabis products.


Stanley Park’s coniferous forest, rocky shore, and boggy wetlands habitat teem with some of the world’s most amazing wildlife, including 5 breeding pairs of bald eagles and at least 5 beavers.

​Getting to Stanley Park and Getting Around

Drive, take a public transit, bike, and walk; however you want to get there, it is very easy, it is only a few minutes from Vancouver’s downtown core.

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