Stepwise Guide to Begin Using CBD Oil


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CBD oil has several potential health benefits. It may be used for recreational purposes but most people have a specific objective. According to the published studies and available evidence, CBD oil is effective at alleviating anxiety and it can reduce stress, also stabilize the heart rate, regulate symptoms and effects of post traumatic stress disorder and also help people suffering from insomniac sleep better. CBD oil is used in epilepsy treatment due to its ability to prevent seizures.

CBD oil has some neuroprotective properties and is anti-inflammatory. Many people use the oil to get relief from pain. It is effective at reduce pain caused by arthritis. CBD oil can reduce inflammations caused by acne. It is also being used in treatments for different types of cancer, not as a cure but a facilitator to ease the suffering of a patient. While cannabidiol oil is safe, there are some side effects. Those who overdose are at greater risk of experiencing dizziness and hallucinations, depression and a drop in blood pressure, symptoms of withdrawal such as insomnia and irritability. Here is a stepwise guide to begin using cannabidiol oil so you can exercise caution but also enjoy the benefits.

Buy CBD oil from a credible brand. Do not trust companies you have never heard of or cannot find much information about. You have to be certain that the cannabidiol oil actually contains the essential cannabis extracts excluding the psychoactive compound known as THC. Some CBD oil brands mention it clearly on the labels that there is some trace of THC. The THC content must be nominal, if at all. You will also need to note the concentration of CBD oil. The concentration will determine how much of it you should use at a time. There is no standard dosage of CBD oil without factoring in the concentration. Find out what other ingredients are used in the oil, especially if the concentration is too low. You can rest assured that any CBD oil found at WEEDS in Kitsilano has been lab tested and is of the highest quality.

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Beginners are recommended to start with five milligrams of the oil. This should be sufficient for pain relief. However, it will be ineffective if the concentration is too low. A tincture of fifteen milliliter or half ounce containing one thousand milligrams of cannabidiol essentially has just over sixty six milligrams per milliliter. This concentration is sufficient for people who are suffering from insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety. You can find tinctures in various sizes with seven hundred and fifty milligrams of cannabidiol and as much as five thousand milligrams of the substance. The lowest concentration is around two hundred milligrams in half ounce containers.

There is no way to know for sure if a particular dosage will be sufficient for you. People have varying tolerance levels. The threshold varies depending on various reasons, from age and weight to lifestyle factors. Some people simply have more resistance to such oils while others may be more receptive to the effects. The only way to choose the right dose is to start small and then increasing it slowly & steadily till the optimum effects are experienced.

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