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About Us

Weeds was Founded in 2013

by longtime Cannabis grower and advocate, Don Briere. Briere has been a central figure in leading Cannabis dispensaries out of the black market, into the grey, and ultimately into legalization. WEEDS operated over 40 Cannabis dispensaries in 6 provinces, exceeding 275 employees. We love to promote our staff who best promote themselves to excel within our company.

Weeds contributes positively in each community we serve. Our commitment to quality is Tried, Tested and True, a standard we apply to every aspect of the business, but most importantly that the cannabis has to be; of the highest quality, and 3rd party tested to ensure purity, accurate potency, cannabinoid and terpene levels, so clients can come to learn what strain characteristics they like best. We carry on this commitment into the future and offer what is in our minds, the best cannabis products available to our stores.