The Intimacy That Is Norquay Park

Norquay Park Field

Norquay Park Field

Sure, Norway Park is a beautiful place to go. It’s nestled on 5.5 sprawling acres in lovely Vancouver. Who wouldn’t love that? This is not the only reason it should be admired, though.

They recommend visiting in either March through May or September through October. These are the mild months. You may want to stick with the spring months. The alternative is the rainy time of the year. Getting soaked at the park would not make you appreciate it.

On July 20, 2011, Norquay Park was opened after having been revitalized. There was explosive fanfare from the residents surrounding it. This was the first indication that Norquay Park wasn’t just going to be any park. It was a treasure that would be embraced by the community.

Not many places make their parks in the way Norquay Park was adopted, though.


It seems every aspect of Norquay Park, from the design aspect to the activities, was done with the people in mind. Not only the children, but adults and seniors as well.

There is, of course, the kids’ play equipment. There’s a unique water park for small ones to cool off on hot summer days.

Then we find a tai chi area, a rock garden, jogging paths, sports areas, artistic pieces to see.

There’s a place for the whole family to come, spend the day and have a good time. It’s also conveniently located near WEEDS on Kingsway, a local favourite of cannabis afficionados. It doesn’t end with just having fun. Norquay Park looks out for the public in other ways as well.

Eco Friendly

Norquay Park Basketball Court

Norquay Park Basketball Court

When the designers set up the water system for the park, they had the environment in mind. They have the rock garden tied in with the water park in a way that the water is recycled. This is done in such a way that the plants and the park itself are replenished with water in the summer months automatically.

Good Food For All

Norquay Park serves as kind of the “center of operation” for Fresh Roots, a non-profit organization. It works with schools to figure out how to grow educational farms usually on school grounds.

They put a garden at the park with fresh veggies, some fruit and herbs as well as a few fruit tree saplings.

Fresh Roots hires youth after school and during the summer . They learn to cook, farm and service themselves, their peers or anyone in the community who may be hungry.

If anyone in the area is hungry, come to the park and grab a snack.

Movie Night

Almost a decade ago the Collingwood area police, knowing there was a problem with crime in the community, decided to bring the neighbors together via a movie night. Their idea was to get the people communicating to find solutions to the issues in the area.

It was very successful. Now, they have a responsible person in each neighborhood who watches over their area. The residents talk with each other regularly and with the police departments in Collingwood and Vancouver.

Not only has the crime program been successful, but the movies are such a hit, they’re doing them two times each summer now. They’ve progressed to an inflatable giant screen with way cool sound.

It seems Norquay Park isn’t just a park. It’s a special gathering place. Something to be admired.

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