The Joyous Langara Area in the Heart of Vancouver

Langara 49th Station Entrance

Langara 49th Station Entrance

Langara 49th avenue station is part of the Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain transit system. This station is particularly located at the intersection of West 49th Avenue and Cambie Street. The general area of Langara is however one of the best places to visit if you are looking for something to do in Vancouver.

Apart from being accessible at the heart of the city, Langara hosts one of the best colleges in Vancouver, Langara College. Today, Langara is one of BC’s top undergraduate institutions providing studies, programs and courses to more than 21,000 students annually. The College is also known as house of teachings, a name given to them by the Musqueam First Nation, because of the traditional land they have occupied.

The Langara campus is large and hosts many convinces. These include gymnasium and lockers, bookstores, shops, cafes, and libraries. All of this accessible to those living or passing by the area.

The Langara YMCA is certainly a feature spot, as it provides access to dozens of activities for children, teens, youth and adults. This YMCA broadens access to a full scale gym, swimming classes, sport facilities and much more. This is an ideal place to stop by to get in some physical activity at an affordable price.

There are a wide variety of other activities that regularly take place in Langara. In case you didn’t notice a big giant green field on the map, there is a well maintained golf course just behind the YMCA. The size of this golf course is approximately 120 acres. What’s also maintained is the colorful VanDusen Garden. A 55-acre botanical garden in the heart of Vancouver with over 7,500 plant species and wildlife to be spotted.

If you haven’t caught some great improv lately, then Studio 58 is the theater you want to stop by. Located in Langara college, this theater has catered to many great performance artists over the years including some notable ones such as Kevin Kerr, Lara Gilchrist, Brian Drummond, who are all accomplished playwrighters or actors/actresses in their own right. Studio 58 hosts regular shows for the audiences entertainment and serves as a great starting ground for upcoming actors and performers.

One of the other adventures you can embark on in the Langara area is the Sea Charters Vancouver ocean Adventures! You get to travel by boat and sail to discover the amazing treds of the sea, while taking in the wonderful scenery of the Vancouver area. No experience necessary for these multi-activity excursions you can embark on. Try scuba-diving or sight seeing some pinnacles, canyons, seals, drifts, sponge bioherms, aritfical reefs, and stunning ocean and mountain scenery. There is also the nearby WEEDS, one of Vancouver’s premiere weed shops.

Not too far from the Langara area is the historic Queen Elizabeth Park. Located in the highest point in Vancouver, this former ruins has been converted into a beautiful city park with flower gardens and grassy knolls you can walk on, or stand and watch the panoramic views of the city. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy some high end shopping at the Oakridge Centre and explore the some of the best restaurants that Langara area has to offer.

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