The Magic of Kief

The purest buzz of all is inhaling vaporized pure resin trichomes, the needle like structures on the flowering buds of the magical cannibas plant. Under a microscope, these trichomes appear as magically colored translucent hairs from another world. Trichomes are what stoners see as “sugar” on sweet buds, and they have the highest concentration of THC, and are also what determines the flowers potency. This most delightful “kif” ( or kief) will normally constitute about a third of the mass of the trichomes, and will be up to two and a half times as powerful in concentrated cannabinoids as the original flower, often developing into as much as fifty percent pure delicious THC. Thus, the THC resin reaches its peak in the trichome glands, while the stabilized CBD levels are still relatively low. The THC peak also coordinates with the terpene peak, the molecule that gives the buds its sweet smelling aroma. Flavonoids a protective mechanize to protect the seeds genetic strain, also give the buds an almost skunky aroma of citrus over tones. Note, any sophisticated grower will be able to advise on the appropriate ratio to the CBN level. Without a doubt, the trichome resin when properly vaporized will produce the clearest, cleanest and most cerebral high. Growers will often monitor the ripening stage of the trichome resin glands, and when they achieve that amber perfection, it is time to harvest.

It is interesting to note that the men in Morocco have mixed up hashish laden kif cigarettes for many generations, and it is deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. The Spanish first encouraged them to smoke it, as a means to maintain a peaceful stability in the community. Indian mystics have also used concentrated cannibas resin to achieve various stages of enlightenment, and it is also used in a variety of other religious and cultural ceremonies internationally.



A great way to collect the trichome resin, is to buy a high quality silk screen on a frame, and simply take a large quantity of perfectly dried ripe flowers and bounce them gently onto the screen. Below the screen, place a highly polished super clean glass mirror below to catch the falling resin drops, and then scrape them into a pile with a razor blade.

One should gently hand press the resin powder into small balls of ‘charas’, and store them in an absolutely air tight mason jar. In a pinch, a home made rig of cheese clothe will suffice. Also, other more sophisticated professional spinners are also on the market. The key is to separate the resin powder from the plant material, and then seal it in a dry and cool air tight environment to prevent mold and decay.
The marijuana flower ‘buds’ that have been ‘shaken’ still have value on the market for their weight alone; and although less potent now, they are actually more manageable for the average customer. Best of all, the connoisseur will be able to keep all the resin for themselves and enjoy the cerebral high. Amazing things happen when one concentrates the energy of a magical plant into small lumps of goodness. The effects of smoking cannibas resin in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is described as a “dreamy tranquility”. Lightly pressed resinous trichome balls can be used as a key to unlock the doors of consciousness, and there is a reason that this medicinal resin is often referred to by experienced stoners as “Temple Balls” !

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