Vancouver Aquarium

Located in Stanley Park, the main goal of the Vancouver Aquarium is to connect visitors with the natural world. A self-sustaining, non-profit association, the aquarium is dedicated to the conservation of marine life.

Vancouver Aquarium Show Pool

Vancouver Aquarium Show Pool

Since its inauguration in 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has received more than 35 million people and is open 365 days a year. The schedule varies according to the season. The Vancouver Aquarium was designated as a Coastal America Learning Center n October 2009 by the US Environmental Protection Agency. As the first Learning Center in Canada, this designation was intended to fortify the Canadian/U.S. partnership for protecting and restoring shared ocean resources and habitat.

Where is the Vancouver Aquarium?

The Vancouver Aquarium is nestled between the tall trees of Stanley Park, and is easily reached on foot or by car. From the center of Vancouver is a somewhat long walk but suitable for those with normal physical condition, and once you get to Stanley Park you will see signs that show you the way to the aquarium. If you come by car you can follow the signs to Stanley Park, although you must be careful with one-way streets, and you must pay to park the car both at Stanley Park and its surroundings.

Attractions of the Vancouver Aquarium

VAncouver Aquarium Entrance Statue

Vancouver Aquarium Entrance Statue

When it opened in 1956 the Vancouver Aquarium became the first public aquarium in Canada, and after years of growth it has become the largest aquarium in Canada and one of the five largest in North America. The Vancouver Aquarium is considered one of the best aquariums in the world, so if you go to Vancouver your visit is almost mandatory.

The Vancouver Aquarium is not only a marine life tourist attraction, but it is also a center for research and conservation, which is the source of it’s many accolades wordlwide.

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The best of the Vancouver Aquarium

Beluga Whales

Belugas are precious whales of which you can see five specimens at the Vancouver Aquarium, including one born in June 2008. There are several exhibits that teach you more about these mammals that normally live in the Arctic.


They are another favorite attraction of the Vancouver Aquarium. You can watch them swimming and playing or you can watch some of the shows they offer during the day Where you can see some of the techniques employed in their training.

Sea otters

The otters are very nice and always like visitors. In their space you can see them both outside and inside the water, and also the Vancouver Aquarium offers Sea Otter Talks inform you about the life and habitat of these nice animals.

Sea ​​Lions

The sea lions will make you smile while you see them swimming and playing in their area.

Indoor exhibitions

In the pavilions you can see many other species very closely, such as the Tropical Zone where you can see many fish of different colors and colors. In the Exploration Gallery you have many interactive exhibits. In the Sharks Aquarium you will see many sharks swimming very close to you. In the Amazon Forest you will see many kinds of butterflies, birds and other animals.

Grotto of the Fish – Clownfish Cove

It is an area for children around 8 years old where they can interact, play and learn things about different fish and other animals, while teaching them how to preserve and be respectful with the environment.

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