Vancouver Convention Centre

The Vancouver convention center is regarded as one of the best convention centers in the world. It is also one of the largest convention centers in Canada and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was opened and was first used as the Canada Pavilion for the World’s Fair Expo in 1986 when it was formerly known as Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center. The Vancouver convention center is owned by a provincial crown corporation of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture called British Columbia Pavilion Corporation which is owned by the government of British Columbia.

Vancouver Convention Centre

Vancouver Convention Centre

This convention center offers its visitors one of the most beautiful sights and settings in the world. It houses lots of businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, art gallery and so on; this centre also hosts more than 500 events and welcomes hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, which generates important economic benefits for city of Vancouver. It is definitely worth a visit after heading to WEEDS, the top rated pot shop in Downtown Vancouver. Te view alone is worth the trip.

The Vancouver convention center is made up of two buildings; the east building and the west building.

The East Building

Vancouver Convention Centre East Building

Orca Statue at the East Building

This was the first location of the Vancouver convention center when it was opened in 1986`, which is located in Canada place. It comprises of an exhibition hall (dividable), ballroom, column- free and meeting rooms (20 in total) all in one place. It has a combining total space of 20,900 m² which is equivalent to 224,000 sq ft, able to occupy a large number of people and still have space for more. In 2010 winter Olympics, the east building was used as the main press centre for the event.

The West Building

The west building is a more advanced version of the east building which was opened in 2009 as a way of tripling their capacity and expanding the centre to create room for more people. Beside Canada Place is where you will find the western building of the convention center, it consists of 20,490 m² (220,500 sq ft) of space, including 8,400 m² (90,000 sq ft) of retail space along a public waterfront promenade, and parking stalls up to a total of 440. The building is been surrounded by 37,000 m² (400,000 sq ft) of bikeways, walkways, open public space and plazas. It has a total project area of 5.7 hectares of land and 3.2 hectares over water.

It was officially opened to the public on the 4th of April, 2010 and served as the International Broadcast centre for the 2010 winter Olympics as well as the 2010 winter Paralympics. It has the largest living roof in Canada and is also the largest non-industrial living roof on the continent. The roof hosts 4 colonies of 60,000 bees which provide honey for the public plaza restaurant, and 400,000 native plants, it was designed to be a self sustaining habitat able to perform photosynthesis and plant life activities on its own.

The building also has an on-site blackwater treatment plant which is responsible for the supply, treatment and recycling of water around the convention centre. Wastewater obtained from the activities in the convention centre are collected and recycled to be in the toilet and for the living roof irrigation. This building is by no doubt designed with the latest cutting edge environmentally sustainable features and technology which enables it perform all these duties and still entertain its guests.

This expansion of the Vancouver convention center makes it the world’s first double certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum (LEED) convention facility given by the Canada Green Building Council in February 9, 2010. When combined it equals a total of 466,500 sq ft (43,340 m²) of space being used for activities and is also equipped with Canada’s largest waterfront ballroom with five-story high ceilings, open terraces, and full height windows that highlight exquisite mountain and harbor vistas. Adjacent to the west building, you will find a relaxation center known as Jack Poole Plaza used to honor Jack Poole who was responsible for securing the bid of bringing 2010 winter Olympics and Paralympics to Vancouver.

The Vancouver convention center received the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC) Apex award for World’s Best Convention Centre twice, this is the first time such has occurred in the history of the award. The West Building expansion received an Award of Excellence from the Urban Land Institute in April 2010 and was named multiple times as North America’s top destination for international meetings by the ICCA, International Congress and Convention Association. This convention centre has made the city of Vancouver a tourist attraction generating revenue for the government over the years.


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