Vancouver International Airport



The multi-awarded Vancouver International Airport is strategically situated in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. It is 12 kilometres within reach of Downtown Vancouver.

A Top Performing Airport

Also called YVR, this airport is Canada’s second busiest airport. Vancouver Airport has received recognition from Skytrax as Best North American Airport in 2007 and from 2010 to 2018. It also ranks among the top 10 airports worldwide.

A Colourful History of Achievements

Vancouver International airport has a rich history. It first opened its doors for service in 1931. And, what began with 1,072 passenger services now continues serving more than 25 million travellers (from the 2018 official tally of the company). YVR currently connects passengers to more than 118 non-stop destinations. The airport is highly notable and distinct as a facility. It houses distinct art and architecture. Within its walls, passengers are instantly immersed in British Columbia’s beauty and vibrant culture.

An Airport for Art and Architecture Lovers

Vancouver International Airport Interior

Vancouver International Airport Interior

YVR currently holds the largest Northwest Coast Native Art collection in the world. It is not just an airport that you must go through, it’s a facility where you wouldn’t want to skip exploring around. Here are some highlights (among so many!):

a. View the Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe on Level 3 (International Terminal). This art can also be seen on the back of an old $20 Canadian bill.

b. Appreciate the Great Wave Wall on International Departures (level 3). This 10-metre wall by Lutz Haufschild is built from thousands of glass pieces to represent the ocean. It is a 40-metre by 10-metre wall that serves as an intense backdrop for the Spirit of the Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe.

c. Arrive at the International Terminal on level 4 through a traditionally constructed entryway. The post and beam longhouse doorway are sure to captivate you, along with its 12-metre carving of a whaling canoe and intricate thunderbird sculpture overhead.

d. Sit around, sip your coffee, or do some shopping on International Terminal (level 3 departures) for a real and immersive art experience. The indoor creek is something you’d want to see there, not to mention the 114,000-litre aquarium that showcases about 850 sea animals indigenous to British Columbia.

Vancouver International Airport Departure Lounge

Departure Lounge

A Highly Convenient and Accessible Transportation HubVancouver International Airport grants you easy access and movement within and without Canada. It serves as a gateway to more than 118 destinations (local and abroad). 56 airlines fly their planes in and out of this airport.

YVR offers travellers convenience with multiple transportation options. It is a short ride by public transit to downtown Vancouver and you can easily transit both ways by car, bike, or bus.

You can go by the Canada Line. It is Vancouver’s rapid transit rail which connects YVR to downtown Vancouver (within half an hour) and to downtown Richmond (within 18 minutes). The trains are accessible from both the Domestic and International Terminals. After a trip overseas you will likely want to partake in a little of the world famous BC Bud. To do so simply pop in to WEEDS on Main St. as it’s the best nearby pot shop.

Long distance buses are onsite to transport you farther out. You can also arrange for a courtesy shuttle pick-up and drop-off. Direct dial phones are located in the airport so you can quickly make arrangements with your hotel. The pick-up and drop-off areas are found outside the domestic and international arrival terminals.

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