Vancouver Maritime Museum

Entrance to the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Entrance to the Vancouver Maritime Museum

This superb Museum is situated in Vanier Park; at 1905 Ogden Avenue, you will find it in between the H.R MacMillan Space Centre and Kitsilano Beach. In the Vancouver Maritime Museum, you will find the historic exploration vessel of the Arctic, a fine display of ships; especially model ships, and the St. Roch; this is about the most prominent exhibition here.

Though the Vancouver Maritime Museum is not as large when compared to other museums, it has no shortage of incredible exhibits. Also, regardless of the relatively small size, it will take you no less than 1 hour to take a walk around the museum. However, if you are fascinated by model ships and you wish to study every single line of detail on every display, it might take you more than that time. A great way to get lost in the history of the museum is to partake in a little cannabis before or after you visit. Conveniently there is a WEEDS dispensary close by.


This incredible civic edifice was established in the year 1959, in Vancouver, Canada. It was built to present the true history of the maritime of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was also devoted to depicting the Canadian Arctic.


St. Roche

St. Roche

St. Roch, and the exploration vessel are the main center of attraction and the major exhibit of the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Other amazing arts in the Vancouver Maritime Museum gallery includes the model ships, a Discovery center; perfect for kids, a wide range of maritime arts collected in one incredible archive, a massive library, and the rebuilt and rebranded Vancouver’s ship Discovery.

Admission into the Museum

To be accepted into the museum, you will be requested to make a payment of $38 for a big family, College and university students pay $11, youth with age ranging between 6 and 18 years pay $10, older adults pay $13.50. But that is not all, there is something free, Children between 0-5 years of age are accepted free of charge.

What to expect from the Vancouver Maritime Museum

At Vancouver Maritime Museum, there are a lot of model ships that you have to expect. Other things to expect include the massive St. Roch vessel; you can get on board this ship to explore the beauty.

Turn left on entering the Museum; there you will see the massive St. Roch Vessel. It was built in 1940, in British Columbia. The ship is a historic site to behold, and this is because it was the first ship to travel the Northwest Pathway via the Arctic. It was also the first ship to travel around the entire North America.

You can get on board the massive St. Roch vessel and explore its incredible features. You may choose to go all the way down the room to see the amazing ship from the bottom, all the way up.

Turn right as you enter the museum, there you will see the awesome galleries of the Museum, the superb display of arts. Like you rightly know, it is not a large museum by some standards, but it sure boasts of some of the world’s most incredible artifacts. It also has a model gallery perfect for kids to play in.


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