What Is Cannabis Flower

Woman holding a cannabis flower

Beautiful young woman in a cannabis field holding a sativa plant stem

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant. There are a few variants of the cannabis plant. The most abundant variants are cannabis sativa and cannabis sativa forma indica. Another common source plant is cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis flower is the flowering part of the plant. This is the smokable part. Cannabis flower could be male or female. However, the cannabis flower that is widely smoked is usually female.

Cannabis flower, also referred to as bud, nuggets or nugs, is the trichome covered female part of a cannabis plant. It is the cannabis flower that has the highest concentration of cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. There is very little THC in non-flowering parts of cannabis plant. The other parts do have over a hundred types of cannabinoids. Cannabis flower is available in different forms. Loose cannabis flower is the most common. It is basically ground cannabis flower. Ground cannabis flower or loose flower is easier to pack and smoke. It is more versatile than other variants. Loose flower or ground cannabis flower does not contain parts of leaves, seeds or stems.

There are distinct qualities of cannabis flower. Private reserve is the best quality available. Dispensaries selling this variety ensure the cultivation and subsequent harvest of cannabis flowers are regulated so the potency is high. Top shelf is another quality. People often refer to this quality as fire, loud, chronic, artisanal and piff. Top shelf cannabis flower is also extremely potent. The cultivation and harvesting methods are meticulous and require stringent care. Bottom shelf cannabis flower is a low quality variant. It is often referred to as dirt weed, brick weed, popcorn, ditch weed and schwag. This variety is not known for its potency and is also the cheapest form of cannabis flower. Bottom shelf cannabis or marijuana can contain stems, seeds and leaves. The THC content is low. It may also taste quite harsh when subjected to combustion. If you are seeking the finest quality then you need to take a trip to WEEDS on Kingsway and enjoy the best weed available in the Vancouver-Kingsway area.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough

Cannabis flower may be smoked or vaporized. There are many types of smoking and vaporization methods. However, it is necessary to handle cannabis flower properly so it does not suffer degradation before consumption. Cannabis flower degrades quickly when it is exposed to heat, oxygen, moisture and ultraviolet light. The flowers must be stored in airtight jars or containers. They can be stored for a substantial period of time if not exposed to light, heat and air.

Cannabis flower has signs of degradation. If bright green, purple or orange cannabis flower turns into lumps, if the bud is rust encrusted and if there is no noticeably unpleasant smell, then there has been sufficient degradation. Good quality cannabis flower should look fresh, it should be a little sticky when you touch it but there should be no crumbling or excessively moist, there should be a strong odor and the color should be exuberant. The exact odor, texture and color of cannabis flower do vary. The variant and quality of the source plant, method of processing and the resulting form of cannabis flower you choose will influence the actual observable attributes.

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